Civil Litigation

PAA’s civil litigation practice, headed by Brian M. Akkashian and Richard M. Apkarian Jr., focuses on three main areas: trial practice, alternative dispute resolution and litigation avoidance.  

  • Trial practice involves going to court, arguing cases to judges and juries, and pursuing fair and just verdicts.  PAA’s litigators use their strategy and skill through brief writing, public speaking and witness questioning, and aggressively pursue and defend clients’ claims and rights.
  • Alternative dispute resolution involves methods of resolving disputes outside of the court system, such as mediation and arbitration.  PAA’s litigators mediate and arbitrate disputes with the goal of achieving the most efficient resolution for clients. 
  • Litigation avoidance is a series of business strategies and methods for avoiding disputes with customers, suppliers, competitors, partners and employees.  PAA’s litigators often give presentations or write articles on avoiding lawsuits and legal disputes.  The topics vary, but typically focus on minimizing risk, proper contracting, and legal education.

Within the litigation practice, PAA has considerable experience in various areas or subject matter, including automotive, commercial or general business, real estate, and employment.

  • PAA’s automotive experience includes the representation of parts manufacturers and suppliers.  PAA attorneys litigate supplier disputes, including price disputes and warranty claims, draft supply contracts and terms and conditions of sale and purchase, and regularly advise clients on minimizing supplier conflicts and risks.
  • PAA’s commercial litigation or general business litigation experience includes the representation of clients of all sizes, from individuals to large corporations.  It involves pursuing, defending and litigating collection cases, shareholder or partner disputes, and general contract matters.
  • PAA’s real estate litigation experience includes the representation of landowners, tenants, banks and other interest holders.  It involves a variety claims and disputes, including landlord/tenant conflicts, such as eviction cases, boundary disputes, including trespass and nuisance, easement disputes, and eminent domain or condemnation litigation.
  • PAA’s employment experience includes the representation of employers and employees.  The disputes typically focus on non-competes, confidential information and trade secrets, and other breaches of employment contracts.