Real Estate and corporate transactions

Guided by Anthony R. Paesano, PAA’s real estate practice group represents developers in all aspects of real estate transactions. From the planning states and capital raising to late-stage development issues, we provide attentive, sound legal advice and guidance at a fraction of the cost of firms with similar talent and expertise.  Clients are regularly impressed by closing statements that show competing firms’ charging more than twice as much as PAA on the same transaction.  Our cost-effective representation has helped PAA secure developments valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. 

What separates PAA’s real estate practice from the competition is our attentiveness.  Developers turn to PAA for the personalized, efficient representation provided by Mr. Paesano.  Together with Devin W. Bone and Daniel S. Hoops, Mr. Paesano advises clients in all aspects of the development of large commercial and residential properties around the United States.  This includes guiding initial negotiations, confidentiality agreements, advising on capital raising and construction loans, and complex entitlement matters and other tax issues.  PAA implements unique strategies to resolve any issues clients and developers may experience.  Our small, tight-knit team is adept at quickly and efficiently maneuvering around any obstacles that may prevent our client from closing a transaction on time.

In addition to real estate transactions, PAA regularly advises clients regarding a variety of corporate transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.  We implement creative strategies in order to respond quickly and efficiently to any issue raised during the course of the transaction.  Mr. Paesano, Mr. Bone, and Mr. Hoopes all strive to provide attentive representation so we can assist clients in all aspects of a transaction, from pre-transaction confidentiality agreements to closing documents and post-closing dispute resolution.  PAA advises clients on all matters of corporate governance as well, including management succession and compensation, board composition and structure, conflict of interest avoidance, and other corporate governance requirements.